This approach is different. 


You will experience deep changes when you understand the how and why. This starts with understanding your embodied experience of the world. By organizing your experience of gravity, light, sound, and pressure, you can restore yourself in ways you hadn't known were possible.

We'll forge a path to resolve your issue while you develop embodiment skills along the way. You will learn to self-learn, to improve daily experience of your body, to move towards a new normal.

This process is subtle and powerful.

The principles of osteopathic manual bodywork, somatic movement, and embodied perception guide this work:

  1. The body is a unified whole and perceived from within.

  2. Perception and orientation are the primary organizers of movement. 

  3. Structure and function are reciprocally interrelated.

  4. Stress reduction and self-care are rooted in practical and embodied self-observation.

  5. The body is capable of self-regulation, self-healing, and health maintenance.

  6. Embodied health is the cornerstone of mental health.




The following programs are body-based processes that are educational and cumulative. They are designed to give you a new experience of yourself.

Minimum commitment requirements are listed. 

blue brain.jpg

deep brain Connectivity : minimum 1 month

Designed to unload cognitive burden, this program uses an integrated format of modalities. By coordinating deep brain functions of the vestibular, visual, auditory, and proprioceptive systems this program fine tunes your foundational inner organization. Results can range from better sleep, to improved executive function, to faster processing speed. (*An intensive 5-day version of this program is available.)

2 assessments (pre and post)
Weeks 1-2: Two 1hr sessions per week
Weeks 2-4: One 1hr session per week

human iris.jpg

Whole Body vision: minimum 5 Weeks

We'll use vision as the reference point for your whole body function. Vision organizes the body in orientation, attention, and posture. If you have visual issues, this is a program that can potentially improve or support better function of the visual system. Results might include more relaxed eyes, improved color and depth perception, improved coordination, mood lift, improved clarity.

Program includes:

Initial assessment
Five 1hr sessions
Five 45min practice sessions



TOMATIS™ sound therapy: minimum 2 months

The original sound therapy system developed by French ENT Alfred Tomatis, the Tomatis Method™ sound therapy program can improve balance, communication, and emotional self-regulation.

Program includes:

2 assessments (1hr each)
Eight 45-minute weekly sessions
Take-home listening segments


Signature Program: Minimum 4 months

In this program we use all modalities, building you from the inside out. First we’ll address gut health and function, increasing available bandwidth in the central nervous system, and somatic-based emotional resilience. From there we clarify orientation through the visual system and posture. Finally, we build and expand capacities through movement and coordination. 

Program includes: 

3 progressive stages:
Stage1: private sessions and foundational work, personalized home programs
Stage2: expand capacities and teach you how to develop your own programs
Stage3: supported self-practice
Free educational lectures
Discounts on workshops
Priority booking

“I originally came to Sue for some chronic pain in my neck and shoulder area. I didn’t realize at the time how much this was affecting my mental clarity, but working with her has helped me to regain an energy level I didn’t realize I had lost. I don’t fatigue as easily, I feel more ‘plugged in’ to the ground, I move more easily with less tension all around and I can endure stressful situations much easier. 

The mental clarity part of it has been particularly important for me. I have been in the middle of job interviews and the other day I had an interview that went much better than usual, enough to make the interviewer ask me if I had seen the question before. I got a round two with them, which is great.

Another aspect that I feel I should mention. My visual acuity has increased quite a bit, to the point where I might need to reduce my prescription for computer work.

All together the results have been fantastic and I would highly recommend working with her.” TS age 33