Coherent.Body trains people in the skill of embodiment. It is a body-based, integrated, self-learning process designed to improve your experience of your body and state of mind. Perhaps you have unresolved pain and are seeking a robust, holistic approach? Maybe you have been down many roads for stress reduction without any lasting results? Stress and pain are signals sent by the body to pay attention. Where do you start? What is the most intelligent way to move forward? Why do improvements not sustain?

Your body is first and foremost an information process: it's relational, experiential, perceptual, organizational, emotional. You are an embodied mind, unique to your experiences and circumstances.

By addressing the whole human you are, Coherent.Body gives you tools and insights to create change in your being. Through education on how your mind and body move, exploration of the physiological impact of your life experiences, perceptual and coordination training, and hands-on bodywork, you will transform the way you live in your body.

Embodiment is mental healthcare. Creating fundamental shifts in how you feel within your body alters your perception of the world around you. Using your body as the sounding board, it is the fastest way to change your present experience; it provides a continuously available reference point to bring yourself into the moment. With my help, you will learn to plug into yourself for the best biofeedback possible.