Deep brain function and daily life

What strategies do you take to get out of your own way? How can you finish that project that has been nagging you for months or years? What can you do to stay calm when faced with old triggers? Why can't you put into action ideas that are in your head?

Most people go to the mind to deal with themselves (meditation, mindfulness training) and some bring more body to the task with mind-body practices (yoga, tai chi, dance, somatic psychotherapies).

The Connectivity Project is an integration of several modalities I have worked with over the years. It's designed to get to your mind through the roots of your brain. Working on the deepest levels of brain coordination is an act of integrating the fastest functions in your brain. Balance, coordination, sound, and light processing are done at speeds beyond your cognitive control. When these systems are improved simultaneously, a synergistic improvement happens within yourself that may be hard to describe. But you feel it. It’s palpable and profound because it fine tunes the foundation you have grown used to. (content continues below video)

Big neurological shifts are experiences that are exhilarating and affect your whole being. Learning to walk on two feet, learning to ride a bike, feeling in the zone of the perfect tennis or golf swing, syncing up perfectly with your dance partner and the music. These are multi-system coordinative events that happen underneath the thinking mind. It feels like flow, it feels like action emerges out of you. It feels like you can get out of your own way.