The surprising health features in your bones

Of the many reasons to lower inflammation through dietary changes, the health of your bones might be a surprising one.

It has been noted that pro-inflammatory cytokines are intricately involved in bone loss. While decreased estrogen induces bone loss in menopausal women, pro-inflammatory cytokines mediate this process. What does that mean? Inflammation might be a necessary component for estrogen-deficiency bone loss. So lowering your inflammation can help not just your gut, but your bones.

In fact, restorative rest between workouts is good for your bones for this reason.

You should keep your bones healthy not only to avoid osteoporosis, but also to help with blood sugar regulation, testosterone production, and memory and mood! Our bones create a protein hormone called osteocalcin, which effects all those things.

More surprising still, bones create other hormones. So remember your bone health for overall well-being!