Coherent Body Methods

The organization internal to you impacts your connection to the external. Three aspects of working with your embodiment can create changes you seek but have not yet found. 

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Your subjective experience of the world is unique to you. How you internally organize your perception of gravity, sound, and light provides a foundation for cognition, intention, and action. Touch and movement that target organizing cues of perception create changes that are lasting and meaningful.

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To feel stronger, more grounded, or more centered, somatic movement education for posture and coordination training will empower you. You can address chronic injuries or misalignment by learning how to use the body to process gravity with greater refinement.

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For relief, a deep reset, a chance to feel a positive shift in your being, hands-on work can provide potent change. Craniosacral, visceral manipulation, and gentle soft-tissue techniques can move fluid, balance tensional support, and create space in the body.