The Tomatis Method™ can give a profound assist to self-regulation for children on the spectrum. The auditory system is a rich resource for brain and body organization when it functions well. When sub-optimal in its operation, the auditory system detracts from the capacity to listen and attend. The Tomatis Method™ modulates music in a way that retrains the auditory system and the brain to better orient a child to the environment.

I specialize in embodiment through somatic movement and bodywork that balances the nervous system and refines perception. I deliver the Tomatis Method™ in conjunction with whole-body training to help orient the child to a stable center.

Please note that I do not offer the full suite of services that a child on the spectrum might need. So, in order to work with me, ideal candidates will have done the following prior to attempting the Tomatis Method™:

  • addressed dietary changes

  • taken advantage of IEP

  • be verbal or is in speech therapy

  • be toilet-trained

It has worked wonders. It has seriously helped him like nothing else since his diagnosis 5 years ago.
— father of 7yr-old son
He has been getting ready faster in the morning… he’s finally getting math.… He’s been going to bed earlier, also.
— mother of 12yr-old son