Feel better in your body.

I help you do that from the inside out. Whether you're dealing with a persistent injury, chronic condition, or complex syndrome - you can engage with your body in an entirely fresh way, uncovering new potential, deconstructing old patterns.

When your body gets what it needs, you feel it. Centered, grounded, powerful, settled into your bones. Buoyant, spacious, floating, expansive, dimensional. This is more than body as physicality: it is

body as lived experience.

When deep systems work together in a refined way, these changes persist beyond the session and impact your daily perceptions.

By combining perception, movement, and touch to re-organize the body, you will get profound results. They range from those that you expect (no more back pain, avoided surgery, move with greater ease) to side effects that will surprise you (an inch taller, no longer need reading glasses, work more productively).

Shoulders are relaxing, crazy changes happening very fast. My entire right side is letting go from ankle to right side of the neck and shoulders and up my head. Big changes!!
— VH, age 45
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Your subjective experience of the world is unique to you. How you internally organize your perception of gravity, sound, and light provides a foundation for cognition, intention, and action. Touch and movement that target organizing cues of perception create changes that are lasting and meaningful.

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 To feel stronger, more grounded, or more centered, somatic movement education for posture and coordination training will empower you. You can address chronic injuries or misalignment by learning how to use the body to process gravity with greater refinement.

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For relief, a deep reset, a chance to feel a positive shift in your being, hands-on work can provide potent change. Craniosacral, visceral manipulation, and gentle soft-tissue techniques can move fluid, balance tensional support, and create space in the body.